What size are my fibroids?

Comparing Fibroids with Fruits

Gynecologists and ultrasound reports usually describe the size of fibroids using centimeters (cm). Often, a comparison to fruits or common objects can help to understand the size.

Many gynecologists describe fibroid sizes in one of three ways: foods, balls, or gestational age. You may find one or the other easier to visualize, so don’t hesitate to ask your doctor to use a term more familiar to you.

For instance, if “10 weeks gestation” doesn’t work for you, ask to have that translated to an object you can visualize. You may find it easier to visualize an orange rather than a softball, or a volleyball instead of a particular melon.

As you visualize, consider that tiny fibroids may only be 1- 2 mm, about the size of an apple seed. Larger ones may be 30+ cm, or the size of a watermelon.

You may have a single fibroid or you could have several. The different types of fibroids can grow either inside or outside your uterus, and they may even hang from a stalk.

Below are some food examples which may help you begin to visualize the size of your fibroid(s).

Food Comparison for Fibroid Size

Apple Seed – 0.5 cm
Cheerio – 1 cm
Cranberry – 2 cm
Oreo – 4 cm
Lime – 5 cm
Peach – 7.5 cm
lemon – 8.5 cm
Bagel – 10 cm
Mango – 15 cm
Watermelon – 40 cm

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