How Smoking Affects Men’s Sexual Health

Impact Of Nicotine Addiction On The Body

Smoking is either the cause or a risk factor for numerous physical ailments of the human body. Male sexuality is no exception to this notion. Luckily smoking is less of a problem than in the past because about half as many men smoke today as in the past, with even less women smoking than in the past. However, about 24% of men still smoke and other men can be exposed to secondhand smoke, so this deadly habit still remains a health concern for men and their significant others. Smoking is particularly relevant to teenage males because this is the period when most men and women begin a habit, often to deal with stress associated with home or school, that can last for decades to come. Smoking interferes with all aspects of a man’s sexual health from initial attraction to sexual performance and beyond. This article discusses some of the ways that the habit of smoking can harm a man’s sexual health.

Smoking is a Potential Cause of Impotence

Research demonstrates that men smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day have a 60% higher risk of erectile dysfunction compared to their peers who do not smoke. This is a substantial level of risk which should garner the attention of those who smoke on a regular basis. For irregular smokers, 20 cigarettes a day is the same as one pack a day. According to researchers at the University of Kentucky, smoking can have a significant and negative effect on the ability to conceive. The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke can damage blood vessels leading to erectile dysfunction. Smoking may also lead to cancer of different components of genitals which can cause impotence. Smoking can also damage penile tissues which impact the ability of a man’s penis to function normally.

Researchers Have Shown that Smoking Can Decrease Sexual Desire and Satisfaction

Desire can be viewed as a man’s willingness to engage in sexual intercourse. It is often more commonly described as sexual libido. Without it, men are less interested in initiating sex or responding to their partner initiating a sexual encounter. Satisfaction refers to a man’s feelings during and after sex. The basic question is whether the experience met the expectations that a man had or not. Researchers use both desire and satisfaction to assess how men feel about their sex lives. The problem of decreased desire or satisfaction arises from the impact of smoking on the physical functioning of men. Once they have physical problems, their desire to have sex decreases because of inability to perform as well as they would like and/or expect. The same occurs with satisfaction. When having sex, a man may not be able to perform normally (such as maintaining an erection for the regular amount of time) so he will not be satisfied with the experience. If he is satisfying his partner less than before as a result of any abnormalities linked to smoking, this may also cause lower satisfaction. For younger men, such changes in sexual performance related to smoking can make desire and satisfaction much lower than their peers.

Smoking Can Damage Smooth Muscle Inside the Penis

This “injury” can adversely affect erectile functioning. Again, such a problem may lead to a lower libido.

Smoking May Also Affect Penis Size

According to a researcher at Boston University , this may be more of a problem for men who start smoking when they are younger as a result of damage to blood vessels and penile tissue. Smaller penis size, especially if a man was used to a larger size before, can have numerous psychological effects on a man’s well-being further exacerbating the underlying physical problem.

Smoking Can Make Other Erectile Dysfunction Risk Factors Worse

For example, a person with high blood pressure is already at risk of having erectile dysfunction. Smoking further increases their risk to 26 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

With all of the ways that smoking can impact male sexual functioning, the question is what can be done to stop this harm. The best way to stop this harm is not to smoke at all. If a man is already a smoker, there are a variety of ways to quit smoking. No one way is best for everyone. However, smokers must understand that they have a problem which can harm their health in the short and long run in order to engage in behavior change. After recognizing the problem, smokers should work with their health practitioners to develop a personalized approach for stopping their smoking habit which is supported by the best existing medical evidence at the time.

Question from a Reader
Does smoking affect my sexual performance?

Response from Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD , Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Smoking can have the same effect on your sexual performance as having your mom walk in on you. Smoking in men has been linked to erectile dysfunction and lower-than-normal levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. Some studies have even found a connection between smoking and low sex drive. If you are a woman, you aren’t off the hook. Smoking can change the hormone levels in your body, leading to problems with your menstrual cycle, difficulty getting pregnant and an increased risk of miscarriage. Your best bet for a better, healthier sex life: Stop smoking.


For more information on men’s sexual health, contact your local National Male Medical Clinic today.

Source: National Male Medical Clinics

Alcohol And Sex: How Does It Affect MEN Libido & PERFORMANCE?

You start to sip a beer, one beer becomes two, and before you know it you’ve spiraled into taking shots of your favorite whiskey. Some time later you’re sloppily making out with a stranger, taking each other’s clothes off, and when it comes time for sex, you just can’t get it up. Yep, it’s “whiskey d—” …and it’s not just in your mind.


Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not an aphrodisiac and can actually inhibit your ability to attain an erection and orgasm. While it enables people to overcome their sexual inhibitions or anxieties, excessive alcohol also has a negative physiological effect on the penis.

Excessive drinking is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, according to the Mayo Clinic. As the amount of alcohol in the blood increases, the alcohol decreases the brain’s ability to sense sexual stimulation. As a depressant, alcohol directly affects the penis by interfering with parts of the nervous system that are essential for sexual arousal and orgasm, including respiration, circulation, and sensitivity of nerve endings, according to Health Promotion at Brown University.

In regard to circulation, alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, which influences the way the blood moves in and out of the penis. A good blood flow regulates the relaxation and contraction of the penis, so it can get and maintain an erection. Without it, no matter how much you may want it to happen differently, your penis will simply remain flaccid.

A 2009 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found less volume of liquid in the body in conjunction with a depressed nervous system, led to a struggle with sexual performance. This is because alcohol can dehydrate the body, decreasing blood volume while increasing the hormone associated with erectile dysfunction — angiotensin. The body is able to work at optimal capacity by staying hydrated, since major biological activities and functions utilize water molecules.

To avoid the dreaded whiskey d—, you don’t necessarily have to stop drinking alcohol. Just drink in moderation. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines moderate drinking as no more than two drinks a day for men, and one drink a day for women. The liver can only process 1 ounce of liquor or one standard drink in one hour. Consuming more than this will lead the system to become saturated, where extra alcohol will increase in the blood and body tissues, until the liver is ready to metabolize it again. Until then, high blood alcohol concentration will last for several hours and affect you physiologically.

Drinking in moderation can be beneficial to your heart health, and therefore your sex life. A 2004 study published in the journal Seminars in Vascular Medicine found moderate alcohol consumption was associated with decreased cardiovascular mortality due to the antioxidant capacities of alcoholic beverages. The polyphenolic compounds — a group of compounds that include tannins and anthocyanins — were shown to change the lipid profiles, decrease coagulation, increase fibrinolysis, inhibition of platelets, and increase nitric oxide. This is vital since vascular diseases (those that affect the blood vessels) commonly cause erectile dysfunction.


So, does “whiskey d—” really exist in retrospect? Yes.

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol will affect your sex life, but this isn’t just limited to whiskey. One type of alcohol is not different from another when it comes to its influence on sexual performance. The blood alcohol level, what you’ve eaten, and your weight are what determine the effect alcohol has on your body.

If you do drink before having sex, exchange a second or third alcoholic drink for a glass of water, says Health Promotion, to combat the effects of dehydration. And, if you feel like you’ve had too much to drink, maybe you should go home solo.


Sources: medicaldaily

How to Last Longer In Bed, According To a Man Who Overcame Premature Ejaculation

Follow these tips to prolong your pleasure—and hers

As a chronic Premature Ejaculator, I was sure my epitaph would be “He came. He saw. He came again.”

Sometimes I’d climax before I even got my boxers off, so forget sex. I avoided dates. Intimacy meant humiliation and a dry-cleaning bill.

About 40 percent of men have similar problems to varying degrees, say researchers in Malaysia. Premature ejaculation (PE) can be defined as ejaculation occurring within 60 seconds of penetration.

This can utterly destroy your sex life.

I overcame my condition in my late 30s, but it was a factor in my decision to become a sex therapist and to write a book titled, not ironically at all, She Comes First. Since then I’ve helped thousands of men beat their PE.

What I’ve learned: Any man can last longer in bed with the following tips.

Try them, and enjoy the ride.

Master the Mini-Orgasm

Practice masturbating nearly to the point of ejaculation, and then stop. Male orgasm consists of two phases: emission (when semen is loaded into the urethra) and ejaculation (when it’s expelled). You want to reach the emission phase, before ejaculation, and experience the feeling of a minor pelvic contraction or two but without fully ejaculating.

This mini-orgasm functions as a release valve, easing some of the tension in your penis and dialing back the sexual response process. It takes a bit of practice to execute during sex, but you’ve had worse homework assignments, right?

Make Your Penis a Sex Toy

Perpendicular sex positions allow for clitoral stimulation without penetration, which can help you last longer.

As you each lie on your side facing each other, create a 90-degree angle between your shaft and her vulva. Instead of penetrating, press your shaft lengthwise against her clitoris and gently move it back and forth.

You’re basically creating a sex toy out of the top side of your penis, which is far less sensitive than the underside.

When she’s getting close, switch to a more stimulating position. With luck she’ll reach orgasm first, even if you ejaculate within a minute or so.

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