"How I Finally Go From Less Than 2-Minute Man to Over 30 Minutes During Sex And Permanently Solve My Premature Ejaculation Problems Without Any Side Effects"

...And How, LINDA Always Look Forward To Visiting Me Especially In The Weekends

Dear Friend,

My name is KiKi And I AM A NATURAL Wellness Consultant.

What you are about to read is someones TRUE LIFE STORY I have never shared with anyone before.

This True life story will simply shock you.

That’s simply a fact. What you are about to read inside this CONFIDENTIAL LETTER is really serious which  is why you should spend the next few minutes reading, as it could literally transform your Sex life starting today.

Even SENATORS and CELEBRITIES have tried this AMAZING DISCOVERY and It has worked for many of them, some have even recommend us to their friends and families to share this LATEST DISCOVERY. There is NOTHING to be Ashamed of here. Everyone has one Health case or the other and ALL we all seek is PERMANENT SOLUTION


I am a Banker in one of the well known banks in Nigeria. Seven years ago, I and Precious was in relationship which was going very well when we started dating. I was happy and so was she

And I actually thought everything was going to last forever as i was actually in love with her. Not until 5 months later, She called me and told me that she wanted to quit the relationship as she doesn’t seem to enjoy it as before.

In her words

“The Fire Was No Longer There”

I was devastated and begged her If I had wronged her, she should forgive me and we would work things out to reignite the spark in our relationship.

She simply said it had nothing to do with me as I was a good and nice guy as every girl would definitely want to date me, but it cant just work out between us.

I went further to plead but she simply hung up the phone.

Well, I never truly understood her statement not until two week after, I saw her with another guy in a restaurant holding hand and talking seductively while I walked by them.

I was so angry to even see this guy worse still, not as handsome as I am and it actually felt like a gunshot to me.

Why would she leave me for this other guy?

It pained me so much, I had to call her best friend “Blessing” and begged her to let me know what was the problem and where I had gone wrong.

She signed and said I was a good guy actually but the problem lies with my 1minute kerewa on bed

As she complains that its just too small with also the fact that I don’t have the required stamina as she can't comprehend having to LIVE a life with someone who would not be able to sexually satisfy her giving the Weak Erection of my John thomas and Quick Release issues.

It Really shocked me…

As I NEVER actually thought my problem was going to be my John Thomas in between my legs.

Her friend simply told me that she knows I will find a girl that will take me for who I am but as for her friend.

It was completely over.

As the guy that I saw her with who was not even as handsome as me is actually well endowed than me hence the reason why she’s now dating him.

As at then, I never really know what to do...

And that, my friend is the beginning of my research of what you are about to learn.

Few months after, I started dating another girl CALLED Bolanle

And this time around I simply wanted to see if it was going to be the same issue with what happened to the first girl.

In less than 3 months of been with her, she also called it quit that she was no longer interested.

It was not a surprise to me because I already knew why hence I didn’t even bother to argue with her

And told myself that I would not date anyone until I found a solution to my problem.

If there was really any out there.

I actually found a lot of DRUGS out there but been the kind of person who is been careful not to cause more damage to myself being a medical doctor.

From my research, its known that people who get to use drugs are more likely to have impotence and erectile dysfunction as they grow old

I had to ensure that I go through all the component of them and found out that majority of them had one effect or the other which actually stopped me from using any of them because I simply didn’t want to cause more harm to what I was currently going through.

This went on for the next several years, not until I finally got the revelation of how to get it done easily and naturally through what you are about to learn.

About 18 months later...

after going through lots of studies and report.

I got a call from one of my long time friend who just came into the country to come meet him at the airport.

Festus  is the type of guy that is actually the extrovert type of person who loves to party, has lots of girls around him even before he traveled out of the country when we were still in the university

We hooked up and still he had not changed at all with women as he was still getting lots of calls from different women who wanted to meet with him.

So one Saturday night at the bar, I raised the issue and told him what I was going through and he simply laughed at me.

He laughed so hard that it actually got lots of the guys and ladies at the bar to look towards our direction.

Which made me very angry as here I was talking about a serious issue and he was simply joking about it

Anyways, what he told me was actually a shocker.

He said he was in the same shoe as me. EVEN good looking, Tall, Handsome, Huge Festus also HAD this ISSUE. I was shocked.

As he was not well endowed down there but because of 2 Natural Supplement that he uses which by the way is approved by NAFDAC. He was introduced to by one of his friend in USA.

He was able to INCREASE dancing kerewa more than 30minutes per round by taking 2 capsules .

And he had not had any complications since then.

FESTUS was able to turn into a guy that all women just want to have a piece of simply because he was able to make use of this combinations that worked for him within the next 20 days

He literally told me.

“if a lady sees that you are not well endowed down there, She’s never going to want to see you again”

Women always want to be with men who is well endowed and can also perform very well.

Even if he’s ugly and poor, they will stick with him and want to make sure that he’s theirs.

And this has been the result of divorces, cheating in marriages and relationship breakups today because the man can’t seem to be able to sexually satisfy their woman in Bed.

I was actually surprised and told him to help his boy with this package and said he would send me one when he returns to the states and to make sure that I have my $170 to get it and he would take care of the rest.

AND That Was How It GOT Started For my ME.

Within the next 2 weeks, after he returned to the UNITED States, I got the package.

So What Is This Package About And What Does It Contain?



What you are about to read has been approved by NAFDAC and Other International Bodies. 


Ginkgo Plus

Now That I'm ready to help with my secret solution (Last Longer)

Forever Ginko Plus The Ogbonge I can Easily call "Make Your woman beg for more" After taken the first time as directed.

I went from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. To cut it short on the 5th day "My Woman now scream and say it is enough"

My fear is, If You'll allow your wife to rest, those babes in your street, and the ones working for you at office. Anyway, use it and grow bigge rwith Last Longing ERECTION.

I have 100% assurance that you will have satisfied result like mine

This is an highly nutritious edible root, which is a member of the radish family, Using this root which has been 100percent been transformed into this supplement capsule, It will increase your libido, sexual potency and energy. 

This is actually the main component that actually helps to increase the thickness of the sperm count and testerone level in your body.

Presently been sold in over 174 countries round the world and approved to be actually a supplement that actually work.

Ginkgo Plus Enhances:

- Blood supply to the brain,

- Helps support circulation,

- Energy level booster

- Helps promote Libido, Stamina and Energy. 

This is the more reason you should look into this too. 

Forever Gin Chia 



The Next NAFDAC Approved Supplement that has been having lots of wave amongst my well satisfied customer which actually worked great for me most especially when it comes to sexual energy and stamina while extending your ability to enjoy the activity you used to love. I tell you when I started using GIN-CHIA together with the Forever Ginko Plus. It was then I realized how much I have been missing with the kind of energy I started to have.

The answer and Testimony of the workability of these 2 Natural Supplement comes from east and west: the eastern Asia and the western United States. 

Research by scientists suggest that GIN CHIA provides Energy and enhance Stamina.

Two ancient herbs: Golden Chia from the West and Ginseng from the East, combine to create a modern miracle - Forever Gin-Chia. Let this powerful combination of herbs give your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out!

Golden Chia, or North American Sage, was used by southwest Native American Indians in the US at the turn of the century for its life-sustaining properties. Chia contains healthful polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

Ginseng is legendary as a tonic, earning its name as the “King of Tonics.” It contains saponins, making ginseng an adaptogen (a compound that adapts its effects depending on the needs of the body). Ginseng is also a potent antioxidant.

Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day.

- Powerful antioxidant

- Can help increase stamina and endurance

- Helps support healthy circulation

- Strong Lasting Erection/PENIS  


Forever GIN CHIA and Ginkgo PLUS will give you more energy. Say bye bye to back pain. 

Get these boosters while dancing kerewa on bed. Forever GIN CHIA will never make you tire even if you are going MORE THAN 5 rounds. And you will NOT experience BACK PAIN.

So here I have been using this, both the Forever GINKO PLUS and Forever GIN CHIA 

Which I started using daily as directed by Physician. 

And to my amazement after 20 days, I was able to see Amazing result, some I cant share with you because they are CONFIDENTIAL. 

The RESULT was shocking because I never really realize the Supplement could simply transform THE SIZE of my Penis and give me a Stronger ERECTION

Thanks to the help of these 2 NATURAL supplement  as it actually transformed my sexual life in ways more than I expected or  wanted. 

During this time, I was already seeing a lady who I took an interest on but was taking it slowly with her as I didn’t want to lose her.

When I saw this huge change in me, I knew that my worry is finally over

So I took it to test myself with Linda which happens to be the lady I was currently seeing at that time.

She is an Edo girl, The Type Of Woman That Is Curvy And Busty Most Especially  In The Hips With Her Light Skin Complexion. About 5 Feet And 6 Inches In Height And The Perfect 9 Out Of 10 In Terms Of Beauty And Looks.

Since i can't put her pics online... This is as close as you can really see her

I was actually lucky to have her and we had been going steady prior to the completion of using the supplements that my friend Festus sent to me

She had actually once told me that no man has been able to sexually satisfy her in bed as all men are created that way and she just has to accept that.

Which was when I decided to try my new found self on her so we were getting emotionally attached.

On a Friday night just right after i came back from work and was in my apartment

She called that she was spending the night over at my place which made me very excited cos i knew this was the perfect time for me to launch my new tool on her

And for the first time in my life, MY PENIS didnt FAIL me.

It Actually Happened

We eventually had a mind blowing sex in the sitting room.

I was amazed at myself.

As this was how I now go for over 30 minutes in bed with her as she loved every bit of it and simply wanted more.

If you have never heard the sound of a lady moaning at every thrust, then you are not doing it right with her and chances are she would definitely cheat on you or leave you.

Saturday came as when I woke up to see her staring at me.

She Confessed That No Man Had Ever Handled Her The Way I Did

And that she loved every bit of it.

That was how it happened.

Every weekend, Linda would come over to stay with me as she simply wanted more of what I have down there.

Thanks to the help of these 2 NATURAL supplement  as it actually transformed my sexual life in ways more than I wanted or expected.

I became a guy with A STRONGER BIGGER Penis.

I became a guy who could last more than 30 minutes in bed.

I became a guy with a STRONGER ERECTION

I became a guy who now has this new found confidence that I never felt.

And I also noticed that my Sperm load was much Thicker and plenty than ever before.

And in All, I had the girl who does not want to leave me for what I have to another guy.

So His STORY Got Me Thinking. 

As there would be other guys out there who would have the same issue as he had and still looking for a fix that would transform their sexual life as it did to him. 

So I contacted the USA company producing these 2 NATURAL supplements. They gave me further lecture and guide on the Supplements and its Usage. As a Medical Person myself, I understand alot of things and the important impact the ingredients/composition inside this supplement does to the body.

Remember he said he got the Supplement for  $170 for one which is about N65,800 (Current Exchange Rate) 

But right now, I was able to secure a deal to get this pack together with the 2 NATURAL supplement for Just N22,000  


You can also individually pick the ones that you want, but its actually best when you get this 2 together at this Special Price Slash Offer 

1. Only Forever GINKO PLUScost N15,000 + Free Shipping

2. Forever GIN CHIA cost  N13,500 Free Shipping

3. Forever Ginko Plus And Forever Gin Chia cost N28,500 N22,000 Free Shipping 

So if you would like to be part of those that gets to have the Forever Ginko Plus And Forever Gin Chia 

Hurry now to place your order right here now by following the processing below

We Offer Pay On Delivery To Everywhere In Nigeria Where You Can Get Your Product And Make Payment On Delivery To The Courier Company 




The Above Image was shared by One of the user, He shared that image with me without even caring his privacy because he was SOOO HAPPY, It was shocking because i never really realize how this SUPLLEMENT could transform his Penis, So AMAZING. He said he now has a STRONGER ERECTION. He said he has rediscovered his new found Ego and Pride that he lost during the days of WEAK ERECTION.

How To Order

Here is How You Can Order For Your Own Forever Ginko Plus And Gin Chia.

Depending on the product that you are ordering for...

*If you are ordering for only "FOREVER GINKO PLUS"... indicate the code "GINKO PLUS" in your text message...

*If you are ordering for only "Forever GIN CHIA" ... Indicate it " GIN CHIA" in your text message.

*If you are ordering for BOTH "Forever Ginko Plus" " and "FOREVER GIN CHIA"... indicate it "G&G" in your text message...

Here's what to send to me...

Text the CODE of the product you want with the following information below...

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Delivery Address (Please Include Local Government and State.)

Send This Information As A Text Message To  


NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you.

I will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you. 

Note: The Product will be packaged discreetly and no one else will know what's inside, and every other information will be kept private and 100 confidential.

Now you can improve and increase your sex life while also boost the erection of your John Thomas.

It's All In Your Hands Now. DONT PROCASTINATE. GET THIS AND prolong your pleasure—and hers TOO


SMS this number 0808-800-4812 now to secure yours today.



Our Marketing office


Block 11, Alimosho Road

Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos



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